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Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:Florida, United States of America

You've stumbled upon my Journal. For the most part, this journal is going to remain Locked--but however im always into making new friends, so when you comment to the journal, ill probably add you back. I'm a pretty open minded person and will listen to alot of things... I'm a creative writer who tries to do what she can with keeping track of everything, and i also work at trying to being the proper christian that i can be. I had rededicated my life full time to God back in October, and i've been pushing myself to learn more and keep myself on the stronger path that i need to. I have a huge group of friends locally that i treasure, including two best friends (one girl one guy.. the guy ive been adoring for a month now, he just doesnt completely know). We'll just say, that most of my friends consist of guys... who are my Fanboy group. I myself being Zoe, and i have a Hutch, Linus, and apparently a Windows (Who bugs me but i love to no end...being my best guy friend.)

I'm a big person into all sorts of music. Music of the heart is something that always causes me to soar. I listen to everything from Contemporary Christian to J-pop. I also am big into movies, the best movie ive seen so far this year was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and not to mention FANBOYS. I am still a fan of Anime, and learning Japanese, but it isnt as strong of an obsession as it used to be. I also love writing, been working on a book for the last year, its an original fiction that i may start posting here too when i start getting ideas again for chapters... (otherwise the first four are HERE). I also keep a random Twitter with the name of JediZoe -- after the new nickname ive been given by the guys....

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